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Lo Man Kin, William Lo Man Kin, William

Lo Man Kin, William

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  • Medical Centre: Atlas Chinese Medicine & Physiotherapy Centre
  • Focus: Pediatric, Gynaecological, Pain Management, Acupuncture
  • Opening Hours: 11:00AM - 08:00PM
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Master of Chinese Medicine (CUHK)

BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy (HK)

Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner (HK)

Registered Physiotherapist (HK)

Professional Consultant (Honorary) (CUHK)

Mr. William Lo, Chinese and English speaking acupuncturist in Hong Kong, has great interest in reviewing the concept of integration of Eastern and Western Medicine. He got both professional and qualified training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Physiotherapy. Actually, integration concept helps to analyze the sources of problems, which could either be precise anatomical structures or holistic multi-systems problems, namely, “The Five Element Internal Organs, or both.

Furthermore, he likes participation in sport and thus being interested in sport injuries and integrated pain managements. Considering how the sport, individual anatomical variation or even medical problems, could affect the body movements, it is always an interesting and challenging task. Acupuncture, natural herbal medicine or Sport tapping can either be used for short term pain management, or long term preventive purposes.

Apart from pain management, William’s work place also provides services in various medical managements, such as obstetric treatment, infertility, Chinese Medicine Health Diet advice, weight control, acupuncture and rehabilitation exercise for stroke cases, etc.

He likes old style Chinese Medicine literature and always reads modern English medical literature. His integration concepts include conjunctions between old and new idea, East and West, with the strong briefs that all clients would benefit from the union of idea. What is more, he is the board member of Hong Kong St John Ambulance "Specialty Course of Sport Emergencies". And he actively participates in Hong Kong local newspaper and magazine column, to educate public about health knowledge. 

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  • Pain Rx Session  $550 / 600
  • Physiotherapy     $550 / 600
  • Consultation       HK$150
  • Herbal Medicine  HK$75/day
  • 2nd body part additional  $250
  • ICB Insole $1300
  • Health Talk 
  • HK Senior Citizen Card $450 / 500 

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