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Allergic Rhinitis Topical Treatment

For treating rhinitis, other than Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture, there is an option with topical treatment, namely Tianjiu.  

 Rhinitis Chinese Medicine Treatment

Rhinitis and allergy is the hyper-active reaction to allergen and causing irritation to eye, nose, pharynx and larynx. Causes could be seasonal or perennial, including seasonal to pollen, or perennial to dust, hair and fungus. 

Factors that trigger rhinitis includes pollution, food, drink, chemical and stress. Patients need to avoid factors which causing their allergy, and improve the immune system by adopting healthy life style, such as enough resting and exercise, eating fresh and nutritious food, avoid excessive fatigue. 

TCM would make use of seasonal change of temperature to strengthen body constitution, and the treatment technique calls "TianJiu". Under the TCM theory, body qi would become strongest among the whole year, and they would use topical medicine in special day to promote skin circulation. It is believed that it can modify the immune function and treat rhinitis.  

Date of of topical treatment is fixed among the year, and it is chosen on the dog day in the summer and winter.


2022 Summer TianJiu Date:

1st: 16Jul2022
2nd: 26Jul2022
3rd: 15Aug2022

Reinforcement : 25Aug2022


2022/23 Winter TianJiu Date:

1st: 22Dec2022
2nd: 31Dec2022
3rd: 9Jan2022

Reinforcement: 18Jan2021 




Lo Man Kin, William

Mr. Lo received full time training in Physiotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. After working in orthopaedic clinic, he gained lot of experience in treating different kinds of pain condition. He has great interest in integrated medicine and like to explore the ancient medical knowledge. He is now also serving as the committee member of one of the course in Hong Kong St John Association, write for the column and promote acupuncture in radio program. 

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