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RTHK Interview about Knee Pain Treatment (Script)

RTHK Interview about Knee Pain Treatment (Script)

In the interview, different types of knee symptoms and common causes were explained. Also, view on treating knee pain with acupuncture and cupping were also shared.

Topic: Acupuncture and Cupping Treatment for Knee Pain

Radio Interview 

Date & Program: 2017/09/12 RTHK Radio 3 "1 2 3 Show" Interview

Interviewer: Noreen Mir


Full Script:

Q: What is the common cause of knee pain?

A: The causes are depend on the age of patients. Teenage, middle age and elderly suffer knee pain with different reasons. Teenage have knee pain may be because of sport injury, such as Anterior Cruciate Ligament  (ACL), Meniscus or Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) injuries. As for middle age and elderly, they may suffer knee pain because of degeneration, or chronic pain from sport injuries.


Q: Can patient with ACL repair come for acupuncture treatment right after surgery?

A: Patient with ACL repair surgery can receive acupuncture, because they may have inflammation and swelling and acupuncture can work for it. After symptomatic control, they can also have the rehabilitation training, such as hamstring training. And we can also give them daily life advice.


Q: Knee pain can be compensation result from other areas, any idea? back posture? low back?

A: Other areas can affect knee function, such as below knee region or low back region. Ankle function and foot arch status can affect knee function, causing wearing and tearing of knee and result in pain. Some people may also have knee pain because of back conditions. For example, sciatica patients can have behind side of knee pain. As a result, if patient come to clinic for knee pain, we also needs to exclude back conditions causing their knee pain. 


Q: Apart from knee pain, how do people describe their knee discomfort?

A: Patients might also complaint knee bending and straightening stiffness.  For pain nature, it is different according to the stage of knee pain. In acute stage, pain is the main symptom. Acupuncture, cupping and gentle massage can relieve pain  in acute stage. As for long term condition, patients usually find their knee pain become better, and our focus should shift to help for recovery to pre-injury / pre-morbid status. For example, helps athlete back to joggling by training their agility.Different time point would have different key problems. 


Q: How to differentiate acute, subacute and chronic stages of pain?

A: Acute stage would have swelling, increasing body temperature and severe pain, and it usually lasts for 3-4 days.  R.I.C.E principles can help in acute stage. R refers Rest, I means Ice -pack , C is compression, and E refers to elevation.

Subacute might still have swelling, and pain level become stable. 

For Chronic stage, patients might still have mild swelling and most to their symptoms would subside, and patients change to have  knee joint instability now. And the training exercise is depended on their knee injury conditions. 


Q: For chronic knee pain, how can we train our knee joint?

A: we can strengthen our knee, and train knee joint agility as well. It is hope that they can go back to their favourite sport. 


Q: Can we use cupping for knee pain?

A: Yes, but it depends on every knee conditions. For example, not every patients needs to treat their ITB tightness, and we will use cupping to release muscle till we find the benefit of releasing muscle tightness

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