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There are different levels of evidence showing effectiveness of acupuncture treating different diseases.

Neck pain covers the area between skull and upper thoracic, it may also involve neuopathic pain & symptoms.

Shoulder is a shallow ball and socket joint, it provides good flexibility but vulnerable to instability.

Refers to a neuropathic pain along sciatica nerve, be due to inflammation or mechanical compression. 

Wrist and hand are very complicated organ with delicate and complex joints, different ligament, muscle and nerve. 

Elbow joint has static bony structure, and able to fulfil precise and skilful target with delicate muscle groups.

Low back refer to lumbar region below rib cages, and pelvic region between two hip joints, can also be neuropathic pain.

Knee pain originates from knee-cap, MCL , ACL and torn meniscus, baker's cyst and crepitus always also present.

Sprained ankle is the main pain of ankle injury, while bunion and plantar fasciitis are main sources of chronic pain.    

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